Charleston Beer Book

I had the privilege of being asked by my friend Timmons to shoot the photos in a new book that he was writing on the history of beer and the present day beer culture in Charleston. Visit and shoot local breweries and pubs? Seriously, tough choice!

Well, it’s finally been published by History Press and is available there, as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I think it really turned out well – the amount of research that I saw him put into the book is really amazing. Before, I would not have thought there would be enough material to make a book (until recently we only had two breweries) despite Charleston being one of the oldest cities in America. Well, I was wrong – he dug up some excellent facts, including beer news dating back to 1732. As for photography, most of the 65+ shots are mine (except for the historical documentation), including a 16-page color insert and the cover, which I think turned out really well (no stress like the idea that your photo will be on a book cover, so better make it a good one!)

Timmons is now off on author events, book signings, etc. If you get a chance, go to one and chat him up!

As for me now, I’m working on a new website with him that will feature everything beer-related in the Charleston area – from info on all of the breweries and beer joints, to beer events, festivals (there can be only one), local beer, news articles and more. Stay tuned!

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